studio closet

big/littles size 0-8

Does choosing outfits make
you feel like this?

never fear...

I got you!

I've found that classics for boys can be found in most of my clients' closets at home - jeans, khakis, a white t-shirt or a plaid button down are all classic and photograph beautifully. They're timeless for a reason! But if you're still struggling with outfit choices for your sitter or sibling session, I've accumulated a collection of neutral options to make your life easier. I also have a rainbow of headbands and bonnets to choose from that are adjustable and will coordinate with anything you bring as well as any of the outfits below.

Please note that a lot of these outfits are adjustable, so if you see something listed as 12 months and your baby is in 9 or even 18 months, it might fit!